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There are over 800 exotic and native, birds on display the most spectacular being macaws, king vultures, geese, herons, crested guans, and toucans. There is also an ever changing variety of other animals, because the zoo also cares for injured animals.

The Iron Church of Grecia will be our next stop. This church is unique, because it was made with plate steel and hand riveted. It is located in a quiet little town, which is surrounded with coffee and sugar plantations. The public park, located on the west side of the church, is not only clean but well groomed. In 1995 this town won an award for be the cleanest town in Central America.

When we leave Grecia the next stop will be in Sarchi, where you will find a wide variety of arts, crafts, furniture manufacturing, and of course the OXCART FACTORY. The ox cart, like the covered wagon in the old west, has played a very important part in the development of Costa Rica. As a matter of fact it is still used today in areas that tractors and wagons can not go.

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