Volcano Irazu - Orosi Valley - Cartago

Along the way we will pass through several small towns and a very rich agricultural area. A large percentage of the vegetables grown in Costa Rica come from the mountainsides of Volcano Irazu. In many of the fields you still find oxen used for plowing, mostly because they are to steep to use tractors. The elevation of the volcano at the top is 11,300 feet and is usually cool and frequently breeze. During the dry season it is common to see both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. There is very little walking required to see the crater, however if you really like walking, there is plenty of places for that.

When we leave the volcano and wind our way down the mountain to Cartago, you will have a beautiful view of the one time Capital of Costa Rica. The tour includes a viewing of the church Los Angelos and a visit to the shrine of the Patron Saint of Costa Rica, La Negrita de Los Angelos. Due to the wide spread believe that the Saint will gain the assistance of GOD to answer your prayers, therefore the shrine always has a gathering of the faithful. It is very common to see people willing to walk, on their knees, as they ask GOD to answer their prayers.

Leaving Cartago we head further to the southeast, with the town of Orosi as our destination. Along this road we will descend into another valley. You will pass through coffee plantations so close to the road you can almost touch them with out getting out of the bus. In the town of Orosi you will enter the oldest church in Costa Rica that is still in use.(built in 1699). There is also a small museum on the side of the church that contains artifacts dating back to the founders of the church. As we move on through the valley you will see a hydroelectric dam, a wood carving shop (done by hand), waterfalls, and other items to numerous to mention.

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