Iguana Park

Iguana Park is a private preserve that is dedicated to restoration and protection of wildlife and forests. You will receive a guided tour of their efforts and the wildlife that is naturally found in the area. It is common to see iguanas and you might also see Scarlet Macaw, another endangered species. This tour is considered easy walking. Our next stop will be at the Tarcoles River. This meandering river usually has a large number of crocodiles very close to the bridge. One in particular is 12-14 feet long, while the others vary in size. At this point we are so close to the pacific you can smell the salt air. Proceeding on down the road we approach the entrance to the waterfalls. As we drive back up into the mountains, you will get your first view of the falls. The falls has a drop of over 1,800 feet, which makes it the highest falls in Costa Rica. The walking here is strenuous, at a minimum, and takes about 30-40 minuets in and about 1 hour to walk out. Most people find the view well worth it. At the foot of the falls there are 3 different swimming pools formed by the river. These pools are very inviting, so you might want to bring along a swim suite and a towel.

[The tours for this day are intended to be a walking tours, however, with advance notice we can arrange for a horse back ride to the falls.]

After the waterfalls we will head out for lunch, then take the time for a dip in the ocean in Jaco Beach.

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