Canopy Tour

This tour is usually done in Iguanna Park 14 Kin from the town of Orotina, which is on the main road to the beaches of Jaco and Manuel Antonio, about one and a half hour from San Jose & The Canopy Tour is located in the primary jungle area and is about a 45 minute hike from the tourist center. The tour consisits of 3 plataforms, 2 traverses and a rappel. The clients start off on a hill and climb a small ladder to the first plataform located in a Guanacaste tree about 15 meters high. From there they traverse to the second plataform in a strangler fig 32 meters high. The 3 plataform is 44 meters high in a kapok tree. Following this they rappel back down to the ground level. The climate at Iguarma Park is very warm and usually humid. This is a tropical transition forest between the dry lowland forests of the north and the wet rainforests of the south and is therefore rich in blodiversity, both plants and animals. We recomend to wear shorts and a t shirt and to bring a change of clothing, there are shower facilities at the park. The tour takes around 3 1/2hours. After the adventure of the canopy there is a delicious "casado" with iguanna meat waiting for you.

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